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Ashley Antolin

Sent here from the planet Krypton as a baby to save…wait…wait, my bad, that’s Superman.

One ring to rule them all…no, no that’s not it either.

Let’s try this again.

Dubbed Smash Smashington The Third of the mystical valley isle of Maui, Hawaii. Born artist, part she-beast, half mythical creature disguised as a sweet girl with a tiny voice and vocabulary of a sailor. The tattoo gods smiled upon her and gifted her with 2 out of 3 things she asked for and a prophecy was fulfilled. Details of this prophecy have been rumored to have been long lost in the pit of an ancient volcano…or was it a shady Kinkos? Anyway, after a long journey whale taming and shark fighting, she now finds herself in a new land with Dead Gods. With new tattoo adventures to be had and magic to be made the saga continues…

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