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Jay Eakin

Jay was born on a stormy night in Medford, Or. In the year 1973. he was raised by wolves, deep in the dark woods of the Umpqua national forest where few humans would dare venture, the local tribes told a tale of a wild child raised amongst the wild creatures that dwelt in the forest interior, hunting by day and howling at the moon at night. eventually he was captured and was dragged kicking and screaming out of his natural home and thrust into the modern world of man. After considerable hardship he formed his first words in English “I know an Ash, standing called Yggdrasill, A high tree sprinkled with snow white clay; thence come dews in the dale that fall-it strands evergreen above Urdr’s Well.” He honed his skills in tattooing based off of the sacred art of his forest home , where they scrawled  on the walls of caves with pitch and pigment made from the berries and clays of the area and has since tattooed for the past 9 years.

Jay’s Rate


Getting my tattoo at Dead Gods Tattoo was such a joy! It was a fantastic experience all around! Friendly, knowledgeable, super helpful and such an enjoyable atmosphere to be in. I couldn’t be happier with my tattoo and having it done at such a wonderful place! BIG thanks to Jay and Dead Gods for being so great!


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