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Austin Allen

Helloooo! My name is Austin allen, & I love kittens & guns. I’ve been tattooing for 18 years, & the people I’ve met along the way have definitely made me the tattooer I am today. I moved to  Oregon from Washington state & began working for Living Art Tattoo. We opened a second shop which I became a partner in & then rebranded it as Dead Gods Tattoo, which is what we currently are today. I’m very fortunate to have the 2 most amazing & talented business partners & co-workers one could hope to have! We have a wonderful crew of awesome tattooers & piercers that anyone would be fortunate to have work by.

Unlike most tattooers, I don’t have a single specific style that I generally tattoo; I’m very versatile & I love doing many different styles of work. I really enjoy doing dimensional tattoos where I will make things look like they are carved into stone or the surface of the skin, or raised in stone, for example. I love doing flowers & soft watercolor style pieces, as well as photo realistic flowers & nature. I also love free-handing Polynesian tribal & pattern tattoos. I’m fortunate to be able to travel to Hawaii several times a year to work alongside some very talented locals whom I’ve been very fortunate to learn a lot from. Including, their tradition, history, & the meaning of Polynesian tattooing. From this, I am able to bring that knowledge back home to develop & share with my amazing clientele here in portland. Like many tattooers, one of my favorite things to tattoo are skulls… black & grey, full color, realistic, abstract, human, animal, hybrid, you name it; I love it! You can’t go wrong with a skull, & the possibilities & options you have when tattooing skulls is endless. As a result, I’m very proficient in both full color & black & grey. I’m more than capable of doing very nice script, writing, & traditional; although I do not prefer those styles. I also do U.V. reactive tattooing WHICH IS NOT CANCEROUS, & I WILL put ashes of people or pets in your tattoo!

In the future I would like to do more Polynesian 3-dimensional geometric hybrid tattoos which may or may not include some or a lot of color, as well as incorporating main color subjects such as portraits of humans, animals, skulls, or other interesting topics that have cool obscure backgrounds. I’m pretty open & flexible with my clients & their ideas.

I look forward to meeting you & making your idea a reality together! Without the client, there would be no need for the artist, so I always do my best to give you exactly what you want & still make an amazing tattoo! Thanks for taking the time to read this & I look forward to the new ideas that I will have the opportunity to make a reality in the future!

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