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Shalynn Doan

Born and raised deep within a volcano on the planet Venus, Shalynn Doan immigrated to the planet Earth at the age 27, before learning the results of the 2016 election. She was first taught the art of tattooing by her evil Venusian Stepmother, Queen Grimhilde. When the evil queen learned that she would no longer be the fairest tattoo artist in the land she banished Shalynn to the planet Earth and placed her in a deep sleep. Awakening some years later after being kissed by her one true love, legalized recreational marijuana.

She continued her quest to be the fairest tattoo artist in all the land, honing her skills at tattooing and trick pistol shooting, she’s the only known person that can shoot a pistol over her shoulder at a cigarette in someone’s mouth while tattooing a realistic portrait of Art Garfunkel. She has since moved to Portland where she now shares low cost housing with her seven dwarven hipster friend. She now joins our team in search for more challenging tattoos in between shooting holes in the walls and roof.

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