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About Us

Dead Gods Tattoo has been operating in Tigard, Oregon and serving the Portland metro area since 2010.

The guiding philosophy of Dead Gods Tattoo is simple: the best tattooing comes from the right environment. The right environment is created when talented and fun loving artists get together for the shared vision of creating art and positive memories. Seasoned collectors and first timers alike will enjoy the friendly and welcoming environment created by our team. Our experienced artists have a wide range of specialties so you should have no problem finding the right artist for your project.

We draw together, paint together, debate ideas, and try our damnedest to out-do one another. Our team is always pushing itself to new heights and we hope you choose us to join you in your journey.

Joe Skramstad

Tattooing Style

Asian, Floral, Realism, Graphic and illustrative art with an emphasis on very colorful imagery

Brandon Hildebrandt

Tattooing Style

Illustrative art with an emphasis on graphic and pop culture imagery (gaming and movie), watercolor, and geometric designs

David Goldstein

Tattooing Style

Illustrative and graphic styles, fantastic imagery in black and grey or color and script

Greg Duthie

Tyson Dodge

Tattooing Style

Black and grey, preferably with a touch of horror

Matthew Gibeau


The Shark


15 Years

Famous For:

The most feared predator in all the skies

Best Feature:

Several rows of glistening white teeth

Favorite Color:

The deepest black of the sea

Tye Youmans

Tattooing Style

Black & Grey Realism, Color Realism, Twist on Pop Art

Sam Fernandez

Tattooing Style

Dark, illustrative, black and grey with pops of color

Jason Taylor

Tattooing Style

Black and grey with a focus on dark, creepy, pretty, illustrative work with an ornamental flair.

Emma Fleissner

Tattooing Style

Illustrative, geometry, botanicals, fillagree, juicy fruits & candy, gems, and all things cute.

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