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Our Dead Gods Tattoo shop in Tigard has been designing and inking award-winning tattoos since 2010. This unique group of artists are ready to bring your vision to life. View the tattoo artists available at this location below. To book a consultation online with our Tigard location, submit your idea using the form at the bottom of the page, or call us now at (503) 352-4405.

Tattoo Artists At The Tigard Shop

Joe Skramstad

Joe’s tattoo style is semi-realistic illustrative art with an emphasis on very colorful imagery, nature-based themes, mythology, and Asian art.

Brandon Hildebrandt

Brandon specializes in new school illustrative color tattoos, he always likes to take on new and exciting projects that challenge him creatively.

Matthew Gibeau

Matthew specializes in black and grey floral and illustrative style tattooing, but is well-versed in many styles.

Tyson Dodge

Tyson’s favorite tattooing style is black and grey realism, particularly horror portraits, but he also enjoy creating original, cohesive, and expressive concepts as well. 

Greg Duthie

Greg specializes in illustrative work, but is well-versed in many different styles.

Jason Taylor

Jason is a level 20 black and grey tat wizard with a focus on dark, creepy, pretty, illustrative work with an ornamental flair. He’s always excited to do a new take on fictional or mythological characters, or to simply decorate your body in ornamental adornment. 

Rachel Hagara

Rachel prefers to work in brilliant color, in subject matters of anime, Pokémon, cute animals, and magical themed pieces are her favorite!

Celi Gonzalez

Celi’s artistic interests veer toward the weird, the dark, and the unapologetically queer.

Robert Serrano

Robert has a love for dark art, and enjoys bringing you the dark splattery monsters you’ll see in his portfolio.

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