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Step into the surreal world of Zade Josiah, a tattoo artist hailing from the land of corn, Ohio. At 10 years old, Zade first graced the strings of a guitar, sparking a deep desire to pursue art and creativity as his career and life pursuit.

In 2014, the musings of his mind birthed “Being Universe” – a place where reality and fantasy engage in an eternal dance. Odd creatures playing chess with demons while butterflies hold debates with eyeballs. A dimension where the imagination flows as freely as the ink. 

After completing his apprenticeship, Zade embraced his Being style, focusing on a concoction of black and grey hues with equal enthusiasm for the realms of color.

Zade’s artistic expressions extend beyond skin canvases — hand-drawn graphics and screen-printed shirts, a band named “The Zygotes,” and a comic diving further in to Being realm.

Today, Zade’s excitement for tattooing continues to grow. Every stroke on your skin is an invitation to join the Being Universe and write your story in it. So, if you’re ready to step into a world where your wildest dreams or your calmest nightmares are brought to skin , Zade Josiah is your guide in this journey through the Being Universe.

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