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Luke Reuben

No one can say for sure where Luke Reuben came from. Rumor has it that he was raised by family of raccoons in NE Portland and later joined the circus seeking out fortune and adventure.

It is said that he was taught to shave by the bearded lady, and was learned the facts of life from a retired strongman. He drank fire and swam in the Ganges. He still wears scars from a bare knuckle boxing match with Burt Reynolds.

The bigger mystery is how did he end up at Dead Gods Tattoo? Some say he fell from the sky in the dead of night. Others, that he simply ran out of gas in front of the shop where he lives to this day.

Luke now lives his life with a singular purpose: to make the finest traditional, neo-traditional, and black work tattoos in the land!  In his four years of professional tattooing area locals have coined the phrase, “Luke Reuben: for the bright and bold that’s guaranteed to hold!”

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